Freelance Solutions Engineer (closed for new applicants)

Job description

Are you client-focused, proficient in front-end web development, and great at problem-solving?

At Binkies, we integrate interactive 3D product models onto our clients’ websites. As a solutions engineer, it is your mission to ensure the integration meets the client’s needs and works seamlessly within their webpage.

As a solutions engineer, you guide the client through the process of identifying what is important to them, how this can be achieved with our solution, and what the integration will look like. While collaborating with the client, you build, test and launch the integration.
Freelancers are encouraged to apply. This position is open to applicants outside the Netherlands within a compatible time zone. Preferred starting date: ASAP

Your role

You manage the integration of 3D product models onto client web pages:

  • You build the integration.
  • You design the integration UI and UX to deliver a fun and seamless experience for users while meeting the client’s needs.
  • You perform QA tests to ensure the integration works well on multiple devices, pages, and resolutions.

You work closely with the client, ensuring that they’re both engaged and satisfied:

  • You provide clients with a proper understanding of our service. You help them answer questions such as, How do our integrations work?”, “What is 3D content as a service?”, and “What will your involvement look like?”
  • You guide clients through decisions, e.g. regarding features and designs.
  • You follow up with clients and provide assistance where necessary, e.g. in implementing the script on their web page.
  • You collaborate with clients in launching the integration.

Naturally, you also partake in internal efforts to optimize our work. This can look like reporting a tech issue to the product owner, resolving issues flagged by the account manager, and working with the account manager on improvements.


What you bring to the table

Minimum requirements

  • You have near-native English proficiency, both written and spoken. English is the working language at Binkies, and it’s also the main language you’ll use to communicate with customers.
  • You’re proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • You’re skilled in debugging.
  • You have top-notch communication skills, especially with a non-technical audience.
    • You could explain a technical solution to your least tech-savvy friend, gauge their understanding, and tailor the discussion to their level while keeping them heard and satisfied.
    • This also entails persuasion skills; often, you may have to convince customers to choose a different route or explain why their suggestion may not work. You can do this sufficiently and tactfully.
  • You’re enthusiastic. You make our customers feel excited to work with us and you convey our passion for 3D to the world.
  • You double and triple-check. You’re cautious, going the extra mile to verify accuracy and progress.
  • You’re proactive. You always set the next meeting with the customer and engage with members of other teams to ensure they can do their part.
  • You have an eye for innovation. You can identify client needs that they didn’t even know they had and come up with creative solutions.
  • You’re reliable. You keep your commitments to your clients and your team, consistently delivering high quality work on time.
  • You have a good eye for UI and UX design.

Bonus points if…

  • You’ve worked for a start-up, grow-up or scale-up.
  • You have some experience with game development.
  • You have some experience related to SaaS/technology products and services.

What we bring to the table

A comfortable and fun working environment:

  • Unique chance to be part of a high-growth, successful scale-up
  • Passionate and determined colleagues
  • Remote-friendly company: On a freelance basis, work remotely from anywhere inside or outside the Netherlands (within a compatible time zone)
  • Fun company culture: regular outings and a Friday-pie-day (when we are working from the office)!
  • Flexible working hours. Overlap with Dutch working hours is preferred
  • High-performance, fast-paced team
  • The chance to have a real impact on our business
  • Salary range: €2700 - €3200 (freelance)
  • Paid self-development time: 4 hours a week (1.0 FTE) to spend on educational activities of your choice
  • Travel expenses covered
  • Work-from-home allowance
  • Spotify Premium (or similar) and your choice of headphones
  • Shiny new work setup (gaming/ultrabook laptop and 2 additional 27" monitors)
    • Yes, you get to peel off all the plastic film for that ultimate “new” sensation
  • Free lunch at the office (there is such a thing) and tasty snacks
  • Free massages as often as you want in our office (from our in-house massage chair)!
  • An international team with many different nationalities
  • Growth potential within the company; grow with us!

Our recruitment pipeline

As a first step, we will ask you to do 2 small assignments. One is about QA testing an existing integration, the second one is about proposing a UX/UI concept for a new feature we have in mind.

In the second step, we would like to have a short video call to learn a bit about you and the things you have worked on.

In the third step, we will invite you to spend a day with us to better understand the match between what we are looking for and you and your experience.

Eager to apply?

Please send us your CV and include one or more relevant (side) projects. We love to take a look at what you have created.

At Binkies, we welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We thrive because of our commitment to ensuring everyone on our team feels respected and valued. We are dedicated to fostering a work environment that is friendly, open, and flexible —where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

We continue to build our team with talented, passionate people. If you feel you don't fully meet the job requirements but believe you may be a fit for our team, we encourage you to apply. The application deadline is May 24th.


If you have any questions about the company or the vacancy, please reach out to Lucy Jansen-Retel ( or +31 15 711 2718).